Organic Container Herb Garden

While an herb garden is an easy way to get started gardening, it is also one of the most healthful type of gardens.  It can be any size, from a couple of potted plants on your kitchen window to a patio or balcony filled with colorful containers. Many varieties of herbs are known to be especially hardy, and can thrive in practically all weather conditions.

One of the best reasons to start a herb garden is the innumerable benefits of so many of these plants. Herbs seldom bear fruit or vegetables, but their leaves and flowers can be included in cooking recipes to add spice and flavor or can be turned into healing salves and tinctures.

A few of the common culinary herbs with surprising medicinal benefits include:

Basil – the essential oil in basil can be used to clear up acne, and a few leafs of basil in your tea will help reduce stress. You can crush the leaves and create a salve that will ease muscle tension and pain.

Oregano – as a dietary supplement oregano will help ease intestinal and menstrual cramps. Mixed into a salve or crushed and rubbed onto your skin, it will reduce dandruff problems.

Tarragon – if included in your regular diet, will reduce digestive issues such as constipation and cramping. Tarragon adds a nice licorice flavor to salads and soups.

Parsley – rub onto insect bites or create a salve for dry skin relief. Parsley as part of your diet is said to be an aphrodisiac — no promises on this one.

Rosemary – used in a salve, rosemary will reduce muscle aches and pain, and is said to help increase memory.

The above listed plants are all known to be hardy and easy to grow, Most are a culinary staple in the kitchen.

Herbs are an excellent way to introduce yourself to gardening. If you are an experienced gardener, an herb garden will expand your current gardening and culinary experiences.